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Why in carelessness did I hurt

Why in carelessness did I hurt,

O beloved floret, while I carry

you in my hands and slowly walk

this path to the dusk of my life?

Why in silence did you beg

not to ask you any reason

for those fragile tear drops

you hid in your smile?


In this journey where I decay

with every step of my sinful legs,

it is your heart alone that I hold

close to mine. I keep beseeching in every

name of the god I know for another

birth as your master who would –

can keep you in castle of happiness.


If even a drop of tear from your eyes

was because of this wandering beggar,

let me be stoned to death by

the guardians of the time and ages

for I couldn’t take care of their gift to me.


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Dragging Song

when each moment i am dragged here and there

in this existence incompletely molded,

as just another drop in this sea

who is moved to the shore and again back,

do you know about my love?


As a drop in the huge waves, who

rush to shore like naughty kids,

have you ever observed me among these many,

the soul cursed to carry a broken heart

forever more till my existence fade?


Life once believed to be too short

is now nothing but a dragging song

that is being sung again and again,

merely as a tiny part of that curse

to be alone forever more.

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Life of this wanderer

Life of this wanderer be taken back now

but fate should give me a moment of strength

to say that I am in the zenith of pride

for I could get someone as you

to walk with me in this life

where the only thing I own

is where my soul will live

forever after I sing my final song.


Those lives mine submerged in gold

and those lives mine crushed by fate

were only but my penance to finally

see your face in one life as a human

where this soul would have

nothing else to treasure but you.


I did wish nothing in each life but

to be aside you as a silent admirer

for I did never think that the deaf fate

would someday ask you to walk with me

and become the only thing I own.


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Our journey

When moment came for

my journey without aim or hope,

why did you decide to come with me

to the woods unknown and lost

where I came in search of answers,

o beloved, to the questions that

haunted me each night till now?


When I decided to throw away

every grain and gold I earned,

why did you decide to leave behind

even your dearest hair brook

and those robes adorned in stars?


When I fell each time to the ground,

why with brimming respect and love,

you made me eat your bread too,

o beloved, as I walk with you

in search of answers that may not be found?


When in sleep, I am bruised by winter’s whip,

why without even a moment in thought,

you cover me with your only cloth,

in the woods unknown and lost

where I came in search of answers,

o beloved, to the questions that

haunted me each night till now?

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Voyage to Earth

Moment this can’t be beheld again

as ages nay ever turn back, my eyes overflows-

with bliss, and the unfulfilled desires remain-

like reverie, merely reverie, as yacht this goes.


As the yacht drags itself to your arm,

my heart yearns, o god, to dwell-

serving your feet, feeling hug so warm,

in joy, I forget about my wish to tell.


You may command me again to take birth

and I’ll obey whatever your words are

and again I’ll start mine voyage to earth

leaving mine desires near you  when I depart.


After decease, I’ll arrive again

begging and burdening mine eyes with tears,

my soul will be plunged into ocean of pain

though when going to king, my body cheers.


You  may command me again to take birth

and again I’ll start my voyage to earth.

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Yesteryear’s Dreams

Solitary stands the muted flame

unable even to flicker in dreams,

left in the huge castle of-

loneliness not even you near by,

feeling each moment the pang of eons.


Speechless remain the wax gods

when even the hands of time

nay know to soothe the pain

of separation from beloved soul

as the little fairy leaves me alone.

When so fragile the mirror of faith

is scratched by careless fate,

I fall nailed to the barren sand

lashed by yesteryear’s dreams.

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The single person you should fear is yourself.

No matter how many opponents are against you in your battlefield, the person who can weaken you the most is yourself.  Just like that, no matter how devoted you are in finding peace in life, the greatest demons are inside you. Unless we are able to defeat the darkness inside us, we can’t attain peace in life. This is a very known fact. But the doubt is human beings are not complete without darkness inside them. So it can be said that darkness need not be removed. It must be observed and an individual has to overcome the demons inside him. I feel we need not put so much effort in removing the darkness and instead by being aware of its harming presence inside us, it can be overcome. So what I feel we should do in overcoming the demons within us like anger, greed etc we need to be aware of its existence within us. You need not go and fight those demons. They should be helpless once we are in a balance that we have neither affection nor repulsion towards those demons.