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I have told you about my friend Anoop Mohan with whom I used to dream. He was my classmate in eleventh and twelfth grades at Kendriya Vidyalaya NAD Aluva. We used to discuss our dreams even while the classes were going on. I used to dream about being a great engineer who would make an invention every year and who would be a visiting faculty to IIT. I also dreamt a lot about establishing a bionics research lab in India… Don’t think I dreamt small scale. I dreamt of a research lab which would be one of the tallest sky scrapers in the world. I must not forget to mention that I also used to dream about motivating students to take up research and to make India a super power.

One day our chemistry sir caught us talking while he was taking class. “What did I just taught now??” He asked.

Well his question was too simple. We stared at the black board and tried to search for a word which could give us a clue on what was going on. Then I saw glucose structure on board. “Glucose is……,” I didn’t know what to tell. I looked at Anoop. His face was as if he was in cold water for hours. “Sorry sir,”I said. Teacher just smiled and asked us to sit. I wanted to tell him “Sir, I was not listening… but it was not because we don’t like your class. But because we loved our dreams more..” I can now understand how deeply it can would a teacher. Now, I feel like apologising him. I am sure he had forgiven us that day itself. He was a great teacher. But we were not deserving to be his students.He knew us better than what we knew of ourselves.

Well. our favourite place for dreaming was not class though. You must be wondering why.. simple!!! Disturbances!! So we used to dream sitting under a tree near the play ground when all others enjoyed football or cricket… Hmm…. What I learnt from those days is a simple lesson…. “Dream if you have to be happy irrespective of whether you are capable of achieving it or not. Dream because your dreams deserve your attention”….


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Difficult Assignment

Last week, the faculty for verbal classes gave us an assignment. The assignment sounded simple to all. It was to write in 200 words how we saw ourselves after 5 years. For me no other question in this universe can sound harder than this. Hmm… can you believe me that I have wasted a lot of time of mine thinking on this topic???!!! I was studying in second semester when this thought suddenly struck my mind. “What next??”….

“MIT…. so GRE…,” that was the answer I got after thinking for one whole night. I had taken into consideration only the research atmosphere and facilities. So “MIT”.

The very next day I sat again for thinking on the same topic just after I returned from the college. But this time, my thoughts were different… “MIT was not in my dreams… But there was something else where I was not able to get admission for doing undergraduate course…. the “Indian Institute of Technology… or I.I.T”

I can still vividly remember those days in my eleventh and twelfth grades in Kendriya Vidyalaya NAD Aluva school… when i used to sit with my best friend Anoop Mohan under a tree while all other boys played football. We together saw the dreams of getting into IIT. I was doing my preparations for IITJEE- the entrance exam to IITs. But I couldn’t make it. Well, the reason is simple… “I could have put atleast one more hour for the preparation for JEE. I was a bit lazy… So as said when u have a dream, u have to work or else you may plunge yourself into sorrow..” I joined Amrita School of Engineering Amritapuri.

Life at Amrita gave me something which no other university could have given me…. “The ability to lead”…

So that day when I sat again thinking on my future, I came to a decision that I should chase my dream of getting into IIT.So I started thinking about cracking GATE exam with a good score which would fetch me a seat in one of the IITs…

Yeah But I am finding my self incapable of putting my thoughts onto paper for doing this assignment. I know that I have to do that. That was my dream once, and I cannot think of anything else before achieving it…..