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well sorry guys. I was a bit busy with my end semester examinations¬† (Which i did very badly at last.) Well as always I don’t prefer to cry or be sad. Anyway I never wanted to be a 9 pointer. But all the past three semesters did make me a consistent 9 pointer. But this semester, i wont happen. I did real bad. The reasons were too simple- mental instability combined with a strong bondage with sleeping.¬† I slept almost 9 hours on the day of exams which I could have avoided. That experiment did teach me how badly an exam can be if u don’t study even if u know the subject. My internal marks were good (Too good i shud say). But, my final grades will be low. DOn’t know how to know make all those who love me understand the simple fact that i did want to score and that I am also sad with ma marks. But the happy news is I joined a GATE coaching institute. First class over yesterday. Good.