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Our preboard lab exam

Well it was a day which I wont ever forget in my life. Preboard Lab exam of our class XII. I got two experiments- one salt analysis and one titration. It was not meant to be an exam but as a practice test for our board exam.

I was confident with my titration. So i preferred to do only once. I jumped on to salt analysis because I knew I was pathetically bad at it.

I finished salt analysis in one hour. I was too happy. Just then came our teacher from behind. He took my solution to be titrated.

“Go and call everyone in the class who have left the lab,” he said in a calm voice. I thought it must be something important.

So I ran to the class, play ground and library to convey the information to everyone who had left the lab by then.

Everyone reached the lab.

Teacher walked towards ma table, took ma titration soultion and said, “I can make two conclusions from this. Either Mr ANAND MG did not wash the pipette tube or he did the experiment only once. I can just term his act as lack of interest in the subject.”

My couldnt move my lips even to utter a futile sound. Still I managed to tell, “Sir, I wanted to make myself thorough with the salt analysis… I know I did a mistake… sorry…”

It was quite natural that he didnt believe me.

He looked dejected, angry and sad.  He stared at every table there in the lab. Luck favoured me and I got a partner. .. ‘Anoop Mohan’!!! He had got “Adsorption” experiment. You know what he did?? Its simple. He wanted a support for the paper on which he was observing the extent of adsorption using two different inks. He took a very innovative step. He took a titration stand, kept it on table and hung the paper as if he is going to dry his shirt on a sunny day.


“There goes another species!!!”




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another few moments with Mr X

One of my friends is too good at singing. One among us showed interest in learning carnatic music. 5 of us decided to spend a lunch break in carnatic music.  We were discussing on ragas, swaras , favourite krithis, comparison with hindusthani…  Suddenly, there came Mr X.  Everyone was silent. None dared even to move their lips.

“You were discussing on carnatic music right??? hmm… I have learnt it for five years. Then I came to know we can’t finish it even after 50 years. So i stopped,” he said. We kept mum. Any word from us would worsen the situation.

“See I am a good singer…,” he said.

My lips, without knowing the consequence uttered, ” Well one among us wants to learn carnatic. So we were just discussing on….”

Before I could complete my words, Mr X the great started singing satpaswara.

It had too many problems yet we tried to keep quite.  But the best singer among us sang the same thing and showed him the correct way.

Guess Mr.X’s reply this time..


“That’s the stylish way of singing. I sung normal. You sung with style… Both are correct.” 😀


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irritated by someone too serious yet crazy

Well i avoid telling his name. Let’s assume  his name as X. This X is a very unique character. I have never seen a person as serious as him, yet he is the person who can irritate anyone with his mere presence. Lemme quote some of the precious moments I happened to be near him.

It was after a paper presentation section in the class. Everyone was discussing how happy they as the headache is over. X asked one of my close friends, “How was my presentation?” My friend replied,”It was good.”

“No.. I want to know my defects. I want to improve.. please”

“I told you there was no problem with your presentation. It was just fine.”

“I know you are not telling because u feel i wud be hurt if u tell.”

finally after much insisting and requests, my friend said,” K.. well u were not audible.. If u can speak  louder next time, it wud be perfect.”

Guess what Mr X’s reply was…. “THAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH YOUR EARS….”