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life- just a juxtaposition of junctures

life can be described like as if we are given a few vessels which can be filled with anything we like. Once we fill  a vessel, we have to drink it and as soon as u drink it, the vessel will vanish forever. We have got just a few more vessels left now. Still, why people want to fill it with betrayal, anger, revenge and agony? When will we realise that we have wasted many vessels by filling them with these thoughts.  So life is just a juxtaposition of junctures.


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How can you get addicted to a research work!!!

Well once you start loving your work, you will also get addicted to it. This prevents your body  sometimes from disturbing you even when you are continuously working for hours. Its all about passion and nothing about brilliance. You love a thing, your mind will be automatically set even to die for it.

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One of the most useful classes from CIR department

last day, we had a special activity for cir LSK class. The whole class was divided into five groups and we were asked to construct a bridge using the materials given. the materials given were a chart paper, 3 pencils, six sketch pens, one bold marker, six straws, and one meter of cello tape. Our team decided to concentrate on two things primarily- strength of the bridge and length. We used straws to reinforce the bridge to provide it strength to withstand a heavy load. We really enjoyed the activity and we learned a lot about each person’s skills. Our Bridge was ready two minutes before the deadline. Each team was asked to give a presentation of the bridge they have constructed. Atlast, there came the moment to test the strength. Only two teams could succeed in building bridge that could withstand the given weights. Our team was declared as the winner. It was a practical session on team work. We learned what team work is without anyone given an hour of theoretical lecture to it. We learned the greatest lesson that during a team work, we are actually getting a chance to know the strengths and good qualities in others and also the ways to rectify our mistakes.