A talk with Bala sir

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Birthday celebrations of Bala sir. After cutting the cake we all sat down around a table. We were eager to listen to sir who is a great thinker too…

“Science is incomplete…,” he said, “There are many phenomena which science has not addressed till now.. Think about it guys…  Scicence has come to a stage where it has to accept that observer affects the experiment. Now, do you see this piece of cake?”

We all nodded our heads and he continued, “Do I see it because it exists there or Is it existing because I see it?” We were all with agapped mouths thinking about the new perception of existance of a material… Does things really exist or do they exist because we perceive them?


Author: anandmg

A S5 ECE student at Amrita School of Engineering ... It will take a lot of time to tell about me.. so discover...

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