What do we own?

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My doubt for the day is very simple. what do we own in life? We don’t own this body. After death, I have no control over it.Leave that, we don’t have any control over many phenomena associated with body even when we are alive, for instance diseases. We don’t own the water we drink. we don’t own the food we eat. we don’t own even the air we breathe. we don’t own our children. they come through us, not from us. So what do we own in life?


Author: anandmg

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One thought on “What do we own?

  1. we are not on earth to own anything.. all of us have something to do… after which we are called back… there is nothing like you or me… we all come from a flame , destined to go back… you dont own your life, its gods gift… everything around you are parts of the almighty… how can one think of owning anything when he itself is not what he thinks…..?

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