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If the concept of rebirths is true..

From birth till death, we face innumerable obstacles, tough times and even sometimes failed meetings with death. No matter how lazy we are, we all learn till our last moment of life. We gather experiences one after the other as each juncture of this life unfolds like a secret scroll. We learnt to walk with much effort, we learnt languages spending days and days. We fall from heights, we learn to stand back, we make mistakes, we do right things. Let’s assume that the concept of rebirths is true, then it means i can’t remember even a tiniest fraction of what I learnt during the previous life.. So there should be a leaning which can be carried over the births; something which I learn or realize today and it never leaves my memory even after thousand rebirths.. I am speaking about those experiences which you can recollect and which can guide you even after you die and be reborn myriad times..  I am still searching and yet to find out what and where is that type of learning.