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The single person you should fear is yourself.

No matter how many opponents are against you in your battlefield, the person who can weaken you the most is yourself.  Just like that, no matter how devoted you are in finding peace in life, the greatest demons are inside you. Unless we are able to defeat the darkness inside us, we can’t attain peace in life. This is a very known fact. But the doubt is human beings are not complete without darkness inside them. So it can be said that darkness need not be removed. It must be observed and an individual has to overcome the demons inside him. I feel we need not put so much effort in removing the darkness and instead by being aware of its harming presence inside us, it can be overcome. So what I feel we should do in overcoming the demons within us like anger, greed etc we need to be aware of its existence within us. You need not go and fight those demons. They should be helpless once we are in a balance that we have neither affection nor repulsion towards those demons.


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If the concept of rebirths is true..

From birth till death, we face innumerable obstacles, tough times and even sometimes failed meetings with death. No matter how lazy we are, we all learn till our last moment of life. We gather experiences one after the other as each juncture of this life unfolds like a secret scroll. We learnt to walk with much effort, we learnt languages spending days and days. We fall from heights, we learn to stand back, we make mistakes, we do right things. Let’s assume that the concept of rebirths is true, then it means i can’t remember even a tiniest fraction of what I learnt during the previous life.. So there should be a leaning which can be carried over the births; something which I learn or realize today and it never leaves my memory even after thousand rebirths.. I am speaking about those experiences which you can recollect and which can guide you even after you die and be reborn myriad times..  I am still searching and yet to find out what and where is that type of learning.

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What do we own?

My doubt for the day is very simple. what do we own in life? We don’t own this body. After death, I have no control over it.Leave that, we don’t have any control over many phenomena associated with body even when we are alive, for instance diseases. We don’t own the water we drink. we don’t own the food we eat. we don’t own even the air we breathe. we don’t own our children. they come through us, not from us. So what do we own in life?

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What’s engineering according to me

It’s the time of the year when students passing out from twelfth standard will find themselves busy in the preparations for entrance exams.  I wish I could tell them what I feel about engineering after walking a bit longer in the way of life as an Engineering student. Engineering is the way  of life where you question each phenomenon, find out reasons and if possible, apply the principle involved somewhere else productively. Never take a branch because of compulsion or because you think it can fetch you a good job. You can appreciate a concept only if you are interested in knowing about it. So interest is the first thing to be analyzed  whenever a student decided to go for engineering education. Engineering education changes your personality and perceptions to an extent which you cant even imagine. If you stay on track, it would teach you to question and reason the various things happening around you. It would help you to appreciate yourself and others. It would teach you perseverance and teamwork. It would give you a whole new pair of eyes.  Your  life will be never the same after you choose to be an ENGINEER.

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A talk with Bala sir

Birthday celebrations of Bala sir. After cutting the cake we all sat down around a table. We were eager to listen to sir who is a great thinker too…

“Science is incomplete…,” he said, “There are many phenomena which science has not addressed till now.. Think about it guys…  Scicence has come to a stage where it has to accept that observer affects the experiment. Now, do you see this piece of cake?”

We all nodded our heads and he continued, “Do I see it because it exists there or Is it existing because I see it?” We were all with agapped mouths thinking about the new perception of existance of a material… Does things really exist or do they exist because we perceive them?

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Social Responsibility Project

Initially “Team Profectus” had unanimously decided to conduct a Japanese language and culture workshop as our pilot project and then move on to a brief introduction of south Korean culture as well.These countries are two of the technical giants of asia and learning about other cultures always helps in expanding ones horizons.

But unfortunately the authorities were not convinced about the feasibility of the project and we had to discard the idea.Our second project was to conduct a seminar and survey on the needs of the industry from our graduates.But after a lot of running around and many obstacles we decided to switch back to our initial project.Thankfully this time it was well received and so began our tryst with teaching . Though we had a few hiccups here and there during the program , it was nothing that we couldn’t  overcome.

And so we spent more than 10 hours engaged in workshops on basic japanese communication skills. The primary purpose of these workshops was to equip the students with enough knowledge to talk in basic Japanese(Keigo).We put our maximum effort in simplifying the syllabus so that even a person who had no idea about Japanese could easily grasp the concepts.We even explained the similarities between japanese sentences and that of Indian languages .Thankfully we did a very convincing job and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Both the batches which we have completed so far gave a very good feedback and clearly show we were successful enough in motivating them to learn the language.All this wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiration we received from Br.Vivek Kanematsu Koichi . Not only did he inspire us to learn a new language but also to accept a new culture and embrace it with a broad mind.

“Teach me how to say ‘i love my mom’ in Japanese” asked a girl as we finished our second day’s class. The moment which I think I wont forget even if I get chronic dementia. When we decided to conduct workshop on “Basic Communication in Japanese”, what we aimed was to sow the seeds of curiosity in the students to learn the language. So we took every effort to make it appear simple.

“Japanese is too easy to learn,” was the comment from a student. Lemme think about the hours we spent in making the schedule and syllabus, the days when we spent running behind the authorities for sanctioning proposal and the nights we spent in planning together for hours to keep any sort of discomfort for students away… what i see is that it was worth it.

I discovered a new person inside me who found happiness in teaching others what they have absolutely no idea of. Surely the CIR Social Responsibility Project taught me a lot.

Arigatou Gozaimasu.