Preface to For Perpetuity


to ‘For Perpetuity

Anand. M.G is a juvenile prolific author who writes novel, poems, stories etc. He has already penned seven books including ‘Journey To The Beyond’ (Collection of poems and songs), ‘Heart Being Fondled’ (Stories and Dramas), ‘To The Depths Of Macrocosm’ (A Novel in English), Mahavruksha (A novel in Malayalam), Psalm Of Dusk (A novel in English), and Aureate Adoration (English poems), and the present work before me ‘For perpetuity’ is his latest creative venture and such a writer is not in need of any introduction. Hence, I abstain myself from introducing him and his work, but only tries to place on record my observation and thoughts after going through some of his works

His aesthetic position is tellingly revealed by the very title ‘Journey To The Beyond’. As a writer, he believes that his duty is not to move over the muddled heap of worldly experience, but to go beyond the limit of horizons that can be touched by sensory organs and approached by the mind. Such an effort can easily take an artist to the world of speculations. Speculation is a philosophic tool and its operation usually ends up in abstractions. No creative writer can afford to speculative exercises in his aesthetic efforts, but at the same time, every writer has to go beyond the limit of contextual experience.

So, the real dilemma of a writer is that he/she has to be in a world of sensory organs and mind and also has to go beyond the limit of such a world with contextual certainty in his/her aesthetic expressions. Then, ‘what exactly is the method’ made the dilemma genuine question but unfortunately, no one is able to give a universally convincing answer to it. Every aesthetic effort of every artist, I think, is an earnest attempt to meet the dilemma in one way or the other. How far such attempts are successful is to be evaluated by the generations to come. Any earnest attempt by an artist or a writer is of course a commendable effort because such efforts are the only way by which we can keep up the spirit of our aesthetic tradition. I am very happy to say that Anand. M.G is earnestly making meaningful attempts to meet the dilemma that perpetually remains unsolved.

Journey To The Beyond, to the outer world can only be equated to reveal the secrecy of the Depths Of Macrocosm. The internal journey to the innermost sense can take one to the zenith of the external world. Then, it feels that there is no difference between internal and external. Such a non-dualistic experience is often treated as culmination of human existence by the Indian aesthetic traditions.

If there is no difference between internal and external, then what is the meaning of time past, time present and time future? The answer given by Anand. M.G is that it is perpetuity. When the process of time remains stand-still with vibrancy- then, the meaning of change is to be evaluated with a new outlook. Since the very nature of time is change, then how one is able to sublet the very process of change is a question to be answered by all.

Anand. M.G says that the constant change is to be overcome by something that which never changes and this juvenile author is in search of it. I wish him all success that something through his works to come.

–      Dr. K.S. Radhakrishnan

Former Vice Chancellor,

SreeSankaracharyaUniversity of Sanskrit,

Kalady, Kerala


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