Preface to To The Depths Of Macrocosm

Preface to

To The Depths Of Macrocosm

novel by Anand.M.G

Nothing is eternal in this universe except the great God who himself is the supreme soul, omnipotent and divine power. Even the most powerful creature on this earth is not powerful for eternity and nothing is stationary. Everything is in motion. And there is a rhythm in their moving and this rhythm of existence is the only eternal thing. A person who notices this rhythm of existence in the entire creations of omnipotent God will have a heart to see every living creature as his own sibling and he will respect all living and  non-living creations of God.

Thee should love to live and live to love.

These profound words of Swami Subharananda ignited in the young mind of Anand.M.G, a 14 year old Kendriya Vidyalaya boy and the result is this novel, aptly title ‘To The Depths Of Macrocosm.’

Today, we are living in a transitional chapter of the world’’s history, where for the first time, the humanity everywhere irrespective of colour, creed, spoken words or past is being united on the material plane  by technology. The market economy, thrust by the incredible and sweeping scientific and technological inventions, have brought the world to a stage where the entire existing equations in philosophy, sociology, politics, economics and every other social science have to be re-cast.

It is a very difficult job. The problem is too complex and critical to be solved easily by the social scientists or philosophers or religious leaders. There never were any parallel phenomena in the history of mankind.

The only hope for the humanity is the writer, the poet and the story-teller, who sings and narrates keeping in mind the old verities and truths of the heart, lacking which any society is ephemeral and doomed. He sings and narrates stories of love and honor and  pity and  pride and compassion and sacrifice and ultimately of the worthiness of life.

This is where I introduce this creative work of Anand.M.G, who perhaps had a vision that in normalcy very few children or even older men could get in their life span. A handicapped boy adjusting to the hostile world is auto-biographical material for many a  story-teller, the most famous being the great novel ‘Of Human Bondage’ by one of the best story-tellers of the world literature, Somerset Maugham. In Anand’s case, the story did not end with the grit to overcome his handicap.

He had, as I would clinically put, an appointment with death and he came out of it after a fortnight long fight. Physically and mentally he is now a new personality, very rare in a child and a very precious asset for a writer.

Anand’s impressions come out mostly in the form of poems and I had opportunity of reading most of them. His other works include a few short stories and a novel (in Malayalam) and this is his first novel in English. A novel by definition is a compact realistic tale, a sustained work of prose fiction where the novelist conveys his ideas through the inter action of characters and situations created by him. In this novel, Anand wants to convey his ideas interpolated in the teachings of Swami Subharananda and for this purpose he has used a very thin storyline that actually become quite irrelevant as the chapters flow one after another. It is obvious that Anand has done a lot of home work and research and it is very commendable when it comes out of a young boy whose experience in the real practical world is very little.

Sidhartha when he came out of Kapilavastu, leaving all worldy possessions including his wife and child, was searching for the answers to the misery and illness all around, the predominance of vices and cruelty in human beings and the ultimate way to nirvana. A somewhat similar enquiry is thematically integrated in this novel and the craft is so overloaded with sermonic quotes that the fiction part is sometimes almost ignored.

The eight chapters, Pradhama, Gita, Rig, Sastra, Mana, Raga, Brahma and Sampoorna amply cover every part of the lives of all living objects, the lat place given to humans and it was pleasant surprise that so much wisdom and sayings could be condensed in the limited pages.

I am sure the book will be of immense interest to the serious readers and I hope that the Almighty will bestow Anand with sharp insight and ability to bright out many more literary works in time to come.

I wish this young intellectual the best in the world of worlds.


26.1.2005                                                                                                                                     K.L.Mohana Varma


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