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Yesteryear’s Dreams

Solitary stands the muted flame

unable even to flicker in dreams,

left in the huge castle of-

loneliness not even you near by,

feeling each moment the pang of eons.


Speechless remain the wax gods

when even the hands of time

nay know to soothe the pain

of separation from beloved soul

as the little fairy leaves me alone.

When so fragile the mirror of faith

is scratched by careless fate,

I fall nailed to the barren sand

lashed by yesteryear’s dreams.


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when love whips with its sweet pangs

when love whips with its sweet pangs
i whither like infant moon fallen
in this night from sky of hope,
nay able to even shed
a drop of tear for his beloved sky.
when separation kills brutally each dream,
i beg like a beggar maid here
whose hands were erased by her lover lord
with a promise of a life in palace of smiles
and left on sands of this crowded street.