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The single person you should fear is yourself.

No matter how many opponents are against you in your battlefield, the person who can weaken you the most is yourself.  Just like that, no matter how devoted you are in finding peace in life, the greatest demons are inside you. Unless we are able to defeat the darkness inside us, we can’t attain peace in life. This is a very known fact. But the doubt is human beings are not complete without darkness inside them. So it can be said that darkness need not be removed. It must be observed and an individual has to overcome the demons inside him. I feel we need not put so much effort in removing the darkness and instead by being aware of its harming presence inside us, it can be overcome. So what I feel we should do in overcoming the demons within us like anger, greed etc we need to be aware of its existence within us. You need not go and fight those demons. They should be helpless once we are in a balance that we have neither affection nor repulsion towards those demons.